Upcoming events

    • 03/06/2024
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Virtual

    Please note: This event is open only to GBEN members. You must be logged into the website to register. Interested in becoming a member? Check out our Membership Page to learn more about the benefits. 

    The Discussion Group focuses on two broad questions:

    (1) How do I start using equitable evaluation practices?

    (2) What do successful equitable evaluation practices look like?

    For March's Discussion, we continue to focus on this amazing new resource from Project Evident: Next Generation Evidence.  Some of our own GBEN members contributed to the articles!  We are asking participants to choose 1-2 articles from Section 1 of this book and come prepared to discuss what resonated with you, and how you might incorporate the learnings into your practice. 

    If you are interested in attending this session, please register. A Zoom link will be sent in your registration confirmation.

    About the Discussion Group:

    The Discussion Group was inspired by the small-group informal conversations that originally led to the creation of GBEN. We hope that these new conversations will provide GBEN members another setting to problem-solving on issues related to equitable evaluation while also getting to know each other better. Each session will discuss a short article or blog post related to equitable evaluation and problems of practice shared by meeting participants. The discussion groups will be conducted on Zoom.  These discussions are hosted every 4 to 6 weeks.

    • 03/22/2024
    • 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
    • Virtual
    • 94
    Are you launching an online survey with an incentive? Beware of bots!  


    Community facing surveys, especially those with incentives like gift cards, are susceptible to bot programmers that can submit fake responses and impact data quality. Come learn from current and former Institute for Community Health evaluators who will share best practices for protecting your surveys, detecting fraudulent responses, and cleaning up after a bot attack.

    Please note: If you are a GBEN member, this event is free. GBEN members, make sure you are logged into the website before registering. 

    • 04/03/2024
    • 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
    • Zoom
    • 95

    What is evaluation? What do careers in evaluation look like? What kind of impact can I make in evaluation? How do I get started?

    Hosted by Northeastern's Public Evaluation Lab (NU-PEL) and GBEN, this panel event invites you to think about evaluation as a career and the potential ways to move into the field. At this event, you'll listen and engage with three Northeastern alumni and evaluation professionals who will share their student experiences on how they got introduced to evaluation and how that informed them on their career journeys. 

    The event is open to all students or recent grads.

    Meet the Panelists! 

    Alex Alden is passionate about solving real-world problems through social science. With a PhD in sociology from Northeastern University, she has built a mission-driven career, conducting numerous studies for health care facilities, community organizations, and government health entities in the field of behavioral health services, racial justice, health policy, and organizational change. She currently works as the Associate Director of Research for the Center for Workforce Development at William James College. 

    David Cruz, a Salvadoran professional, holds a bachelor's degree in Economics from El Salvador (2015), and a master's in Public Policy from Northeastern University (2022). With almost a decade of experience, he specializes in socio-economic analysis, qualitative/quantitative research, social geography, and interactive visualizations. Primarily based in El Salvador, David's work has recently extended its outreach to other Central American countries and the states of Massachusetts and North Carolina. (website: davidcruzsv.com). 

    Megan Lopez, Ph.D., works as a Senior Research Associate at The Evaluation Center located at Western Michigan University. She serves as Co-Principal Investigator on EvaluATE, funded by the National Science Foundation’s Advanced Technological Education grant program. Megan graduated with her Ph.D. in Population Health from Northeastern University and holds her Master’s in Social Work and Public Administration from Grand Valley State University. She has expertise in building and supporting evaluation capacity among organizations and individuals through training, research, and technical support provision. She is additionally passionate evaluation and program design of sport-for-development initiatives.

    • 05/29/2024
    • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
    • Virtual
    • 98
    Learning logs, which are based on emergent learning principles and practices, are a valuable tool for teams to capture their learnings over time and inform adjustments in strategy. While emergent learning tools are mostly designed for ongoing learning, Innovation Network has been experimenting with utilizing learning logs for evaluations. In this demonstration, Rebecca Perlmutter and Cory Georgopoulos will showcase how learning logs can be used for both short-cycle reflection and longer-term evaluations. Drawing from our own experience, we will discuss the pros and cons of using learning logs for evaluations and identify the best circumstances for their use. We will provide an overview of learning logs and share two examples from our work with policy advocacy organizations and communities of practice documenting their shifts toward advancing equity. Participants will receive a customizable template that they can use to implement learning logs in their own work.

    Please note: If you are a GBEN member, this event is free. GBEN members, make sure you are logged into the website before registering. 

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