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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Survey Results

08/31/2020 9:26 AM | Greater Boston Evaluation Network (Administrator)

In June 2020, the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee conducted a brief survey with GBEN members and friends in order to understand the demographics of evaluators affiliated with GBEN as well as their needs, usage, interest, and capacity pertaining to equitable evaluations.

Methodology: A 13-item survey was administered to all current GBEN members and friends (n = 324) via Google Forms. Participants were given three weeks to complete the survey. Participants who completed the survey were entered into a raffle with a chance to win one of three $25 gift certificates, one of two GBEN tote bags, or a one-year GBEN membership. 

Response: The survey was opened by 170 of the 324 people who were invited to participate. We received 51 responses, of which 45 were from GBEN due paying members. Specifically, among GBEN due paying members, 32% (45/140) completed the survey. Here is a summary of the main findings.

  • Demographics: Nearly 8 in 10 respondents identified as female, 14% as male, and 8% did not respond. No one identified as transgender and non-binary. The majority (81%) identified as heterosexual, 10% as gay/lesbian, 8% as bisexual, 4% as queer, 2% as fluid, and 16% did not respond.  Most identified as White (76%) followed by Black/African American (12%), LatinX (2%), Asian (2%), and 8% did not respond. 

  • Equity in GBEN: Respondents overwhelmingly responded “Never” (96%) feeling excluded at GBEN events due to your identity (ex: race/ethnicity/gender/sexual orientation). Approximately 4 in 10 respondents think that an equity-focused lens has been infused too little into the content of the roundtables, while 26% believe equity has been adequately infused.  

  • Equity Training: In the past three years, participants attended a variety of equity trainings. Attending in-person workshops or online webinars were among the more popular answers, 73% and 35%, respectively.  On average, respondents reported using three self-assessment methods when asked, How have you assessed your own cultural awareness or biases? with Reflection, Implicit Bias Test, and Workshops being the most selected.

  • Engaging community stakeholders and managing conflict on projects involving racism or oppression: Most respondents felt somewhat prepared (61%) to engage community stakeholders around equity. Only  8% reported feeling not at all prepared. Additionally, participants were asked, How prepared they were to respond to managing conflict when discussing racism, discrimination, and oppression?. The largest proportion of respondents indicated feeling Somewhat prepared (47%) and 10% responded Not at all prepared.

  • Review the PowerPoint Presentation to learn What respondents would like to see, learn, or contribute to DEI.

Next Steps: The results were shared with an equity consultant in August 2020. The consultant will conduct additional assessments that will aid GBEN in developing a DEI focused 3-year strategic plan, which will be shared with GBEN members in early 2021.

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